Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Present

As a newly married couple we didn't quite feel ready to have a kid, but there was still room in our house for someone else. A dog. We needed a dog. That was the decision and it could not have come at a better time. I opened the Saturday paper and there I saw, "Australian Shepherd mix puppies." Within an hour we were on our way to a horse ranch just outside of town. The puppies had been an accident, but the owners were responsible and decided to raise them right. What we found when we arrived was a litter of 10 happy healthy puppies!

There is no task more difficult than choosing only 1 puppy out of a whole litter. I WANT THEM ALL!!

We narrowed the choice down to a female and took the 4 available little girls out to the lawn to play. As luck would have it their mother came over when she heard the noise. 3 of the pups ran to mom for some milk, but one stayed. A plain brown little puppy with a heart shaped white patch on her back ran straight over to me and fell asleep in my lap. As it turns out, the choice had been made for us. She knew right away that we were her new parents. With a heart shaped patch, what could we name her other than Lovie?

We had a new daughter.
The following Monday was my birthday and I came home from work to find my new daughter wearing this hat. What a wonderful birthday present.

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Rach said...

your layout is fantastic,...congratulations on your new addition. she is gorgeous. Hugs Rachxx

Beary Box said...

Thanks Rach! check out your sites too! It is fabulous~