Thursday, September 11, 2008

It is Sunny

I've been in Chicago for the last 2 days! We were so lucky because there was a thunder storm before we arrived and another coming after that. But instead we were blessed with a perfect day for sight seeing and photo taking. I love Chicago, the place reminds me of Singapore but in larger scale and Chicago has this beautiful huge park surrounded by tall magnificent architecture and its all set right on the shor of beautiful Lake Michigan. I wonder if there is Lake Monster living in there. ;P

It is so much fun getting to know a city. I will never forget the Magnificent Mile. It so closely resembles Orchard Road in Singapore. There was also the Millennium Park, Chicago Theater, H&M and much more!

Okay, enough with my Chicago trip and back to scrapbooking. This is a layout of my Little Sunshine! Well, not exactly mine but they are extremely adorable - both of my endearing nieces are all dressed up for a wedding!

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