Monday, September 29, 2008

{ BearyBox Design Team Call } is currently searching for 8 Layout Design Team and 8 Card Design Team to join the team for SIX months beginning November 1st 2008 to April 30th 2008. We will accept applications from anywhere in the world as long as they have passion to share your ideas and contribute to the team every week.

Layout Design Team
Layout Sketches or theme are uploaded every Monday on the blog for the public together with your layout. You are given a new Sketch/ theme a week before hand and you will have 7 days to complete it.

Card Design Team
Card Sketches or theme are uploaded every Thursday on the blog for the public together with your design. You are given a new Sketch/theme a week before hand and you will have 7 days to complete it.

So here is what you have to do to become part of the team. Sign ups will be taken until 28th October 2008. To sign up, please email me at with the following information:

1. Your name
2. Your current location
3. Your blog address / online gallery / site
4. For those who do not have blog you can email three completed layouts you have made recently to my email address.
5. A list of all Design Team that you have been involved in previously or are currently serving.

All design team members are required to turn in at least THREE designs every month to continue to be qualified to join the team. If you missed to turn in THREE designs in a row you will be disqualified without notice.

Design Team members are to promote blog and Site on their Blogs and Message Boards.

Design Team members are required to have a Blinkie, along with a link to the blog and site on their personal blogs.


Being a design team member, you will enjoy 20% discount on every product purchase on site including those already on sale. Each member will be given a discount code for as long as they are design team member. will promote all design team members site or gallery and link your site from blog.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Blog you craze about!

I am back! We have been on road trip for 3 days...worn-out and content at the same time for this is my first visit to San Francisco. I have been thinking about the site since I left and once I got the chance I check out other blogs on what I have missed out during the weekend! And guess what I found!

"I love your blog" nomination!

Here are the rules:
Award this to seven of your favorite blogs with the following instructions:

1. The winner can put the logo on his/her blog;

2. Link the person you received your award from;

3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs;

4. Put links of those blogs on yours;

As sad as we are for not being nominated by anyone, we are also happy that we can honor other blogs on this occasion to those who have truly inspired us with their passion and creativity!

Blogs that L-O-V-Es

{ LilyBean's Paperie } You gotta love every cards she made and her bubbly happy self!

{ Jennifer's Sweet Design } Another card designer whom I love to visit!

{ PJ - Nothing but scrap } My all time favorate designer! A designer from Singapore who show us a lil bit of edge :)

{ Live . Laugh . Love } A designer with alot of passion in every aspect of life. You gotta love


{ Stuck! } This is a sketch blog for anyone who may be *stuck* in finding some mojo or just

wanting a change.

{ The goodie Box } Just like their name! A site full of goodies!

{ Card Positioning System } Another card making site you can't miss!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Take out your blackberry.....

and fill in your calendar for the World Card Making day this coming Oct 4th!!!! Now you don't need any excuse to send the boy you like a card – blame it on the world card making day!

World Card Making Day official site for more information on WHEN WHO WHEN HOW and WHY we need to get together to celebrate this special occasion.

I still remember when I was in University a friend of mine reminded me how much I love to give cards to my friends on their birthday. Personally I appreciate it when friends and family give me cards alone or along with a present on special occasions. I can look back many years later and feel how much they care about me even when the present is no longer to be found. So if you want to share your creations just put up a link on the comment or upload your creation on the site!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This is another posting of my recent layout of me and my friends. Living in US makes me realize how much I miss my friends from Singapore and Malaysia. I remember those days and nights where we party and chat about girl stuff. Those endless conversations...The last time I saw them (Grace, Kacte and Jann) was in April this year; however it is brief meet up as everyone is getting more busy with their own work and life.

I truly miss those days. Nevertheless, I am waiting for the time of my return and hope things will not be too different then....

Product Used:

Die Cuts With a View: Scalloped Cardstock - Purple

Creative Imaginations: Six Melonberry Notes Paper

Sassafras Lass: Pocket Full of Rosies - Piccadilly

S.E.I.: Perky Pink Cardstock

7Gypsies: Fabric Labels: Parigi

Ranger - Stickles™ Glitter Glue : Black Diamond

Ranger - Stickles™ Glitter Glue : Platinum

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Handmade cards for your lo♥e ones

Hi guys,

For fun I prepared some effortless homemade cards last week knowing that many festive occasions are coming up such as Halloween and Christmas! Not to mention birthdays....I know, better to be early than get cought up doing last minute work!

(p/s: the birdie is cute!)

These two cards are made from the same 12 x 12 S.E.I. Apricot cardstock. I cut it into half and use some 6 x 6 patterned papers as the cover. Oh! And ribbon is a must to add some sophistication to the layout!

Product used:

S.E.I.: Apricot Cardstock

Die Cuts With a View: Scalloped Cardstock - Brown

Die Cuts With a View: Scalloped Cardstock - Red

Sassafras Lass: Sunshine Lollipops 6x6 wee bundle

Ranger - Stickles™ Glitter Glue : Platinum

Fancy Pants Designs: Fashion Sense Playhouse Buttons

Sassafras Lass: Stickers - Journal Tags - Sunshine

Ranger - Adirondack® Acrylic Paint Dabber : Espresso

Monday, September 15, 2008

-Riddle Me- Challenge

Why did the banana go to the Doctor?

Because it is not peeling well!

As part of Scrappy Hour Design team, I have to create a layout based on a -riddle- and here it is!

You can also see the rest of the layout from different team members here

What is known as ‘King of Fruits’ in South East Asia? Durian…Some people LOVE it but most people HATE it?

Darin looks so funny in the photo. Here he is forced to eat Durian for the 2nd time on behalf of his brother! Gosh....

Product Used:

Sassafras Lass: My Dearest - Fawnd of you Paterned Cardstock

Sassafras Lass: Pocket Full of Rosies - Piccadilly Paterned Cardstock

7Gypsies: Lettres Rubbings: Soho

Creative Imaginations: Honeydew ABC Large Chipboard

7Gypsies: Elements Rubbings: Fleurish rub-ons

Ranger - Stickles™ Glitter Glue : Platinum

Sassafras Lass: Stickers - Journal Tags - Sunshine

Ranger - Adirondack® Acrylic Paint Dabber : Pitch Black

S.E.I.: Grandpa Buttons

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Three types of GLUE DOTS are now selling at Beary Box !

These glue dots are easy to use on almost anything and they stay intact for a long time! They are sold in rolls of 200 or 300 dots and lines for convenient peeling and mess-free project. Craft Glue Dots on rolls are instant-bonding adhesives for art projects, candle making, framing/matting, home decor, scrapbooking and woodworking.
No-mess Craft Glue Dots bond to most surfaces including paper, plastic, metal, wood, foam, textiles and more.
To purchase please click here or log onto ^__^
Have a great weekend ladies!

Friday, September 12, 2008

More products coming in!

Wow....3 boxes of products came in today from Glue Dots and DieCut with A View! We are still awaiting products from Maya Road and American Craft ^__^ So there will be more sticky stuff and more cardstocks on Beary Box! It will be up on the site by tomorrow so please check it out!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

It is Sunny

I've been in Chicago for the last 2 days! We were so lucky because there was a thunder storm before we arrived and another coming after that. But instead we were blessed with a perfect day for sight seeing and photo taking. I love Chicago, the place reminds me of Singapore but in larger scale and Chicago has this beautiful huge park surrounded by tall magnificent architecture and its all set right on the shor of beautiful Lake Michigan. I wonder if there is Lake Monster living in there. ;P

It is so much fun getting to know a city. I will never forget the Magnificent Mile. It so closely resembles Orchard Road in Singapore. There was also the Millennium Park, Chicago Theater, H&M and much more!

Okay, enough with my Chicago trip and back to scrapbooking. This is a layout of my Little Sunshine! Well, not exactly mine but they are extremely adorable - both of my endearing nieces are all dressed up for a wedding!

Product Used:

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Still have not pack yet...

I am playing with some slide show widgets and thought that I can upload it to the blog side bar....but unfortunately it is too big.....might as well put it here ^__^

It is mainly product photos. But the point is that I love this Beary Box slide skin! Especially for the main website ~ hehe

I am going to Chicago tomorrow!

Wooohoo!! I can't wait till tomorrow comes but I still haven't packed yet. :(

It will be my first time to Chicago. I want to shop. I want to walk. I want to take more photos! hehehe...I am so thrilled because I will be travelling alone for one day. Venturing into the unknown. I am doing some research on Chicago now so I won’t miss any famous spots!

Besides sharing ideas here at
Beary Box, I am also a Design Team member for Scrappy Hours. The first challenge will be posted on 15th of September but as I am going away, I have finish my first challenge which has to be a Riddle where we are suppose to have some kind of riddle in the title/journal.

Can't wait to see what the other team members are doing....

btw, any of you know what is DURIAN? Ever tasted one? If you have been to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia or some other part of South East Asia, you might know what I am talking about! ^__^ I wish someone can courier Durian to me!
So instead of thinking about Durian and Chicago....

I am a Dreamer~

Pink is my fav color and a scrapbook layout is never complete with some glitters!

Product Used:

Saturday, September 6, 2008

: M♥ms :

This photo of me, my mom and mother-in-law was taken on 2008 Valentine's Day. We boarded the Puteri Sutera Cruise from Sutera habour, Sabah, Malaysia and stoped by Manukan Island for dinner and to enjoy the sunset. The sky was beautiful that day...

I prefer a more simple and more neutral color for this 12 x 12 layout.

Product used:

S.E.I.: Hip Honey Cardstock Paper

Fancy Pants Designs: Free Spirit Rub-Ons

Fancy Pants Designs: Key Lime Pie Rub-ons

Fancy Pants Designs: Wildheart Ribbon

Ranger - Adirondack® Acrylic Paint Dabber : Pitch Black

Ranger - Stickles™ Glitter Glue : Gold

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Scrap your work desk

Most scrap addicts would scrap almost anything from photo frame to recipe box. But I would suggest you to scrap something that is functional and beautiful to look at while doing your mundane office chores.

This will help you to save cost and at the same time feed your addictive behavior. Below are two types of magazine files you can find at Ikea. Both are the same size and weight but magazine file:2 is $2 more expensive than magazine file:1 because it has design on it.

You can save cost by buying the plain magazine file instead and scrap it however you want. It will be truly exclusive and memorable.

These are the few examples of decorated magazine file that you can display on your desk! Truly unique!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Present

As a newly married couple we didn't quite feel ready to have a kid, but there was still room in our house for someone else. A dog. We needed a dog. That was the decision and it could not have come at a better time. I opened the Saturday paper and there I saw, "Australian Shepherd mix puppies." Within an hour we were on our way to a horse ranch just outside of town. The puppies had been an accident, but the owners were responsible and decided to raise them right. What we found when we arrived was a litter of 10 happy healthy puppies!

There is no task more difficult than choosing only 1 puppy out of a whole litter. I WANT THEM ALL!!

We narrowed the choice down to a female and took the 4 available little girls out to the lawn to play. As luck would have it their mother came over when she heard the noise. 3 of the pups ran to mom for some milk, but one stayed. A plain brown little puppy with a heart shaped white patch on her back ran straight over to me and fell asleep in my lap. As it turns out, the choice had been made for us. She knew right away that we were her new parents. With a heart shaped patch, what could we name her other than Lovie?

We had a new daughter.
The following Monday was my birthday and I came home from work to find my new daughter wearing this hat. What a wonderful birthday present.

Product used:

Monday, September 1, 2008

I am happy to announce that....

Beary Box has created a group in Facebook and ideas and layout are pouring in from people around the world! You can simply join Scrapbook with Beary Box to post your ideas and join the discussion Board, all about scrapbooking! So what keep it to yourself? Let us see and hear you out!