Friday, August 29, 2008

Recycling old C♥lendar

Just when you are about to throw away an old calendar...think again! You might want to recycle it. I took away those calendar pages and start twisting a red ribbon around the top edge to cover those ugly holes.....

Then you can start to scrap anything you want on it!

I create a concept of Superdad and Supermom on both side but with two different themes. For Superdad, I use a more neutral color tone which is blue and white but add some purple colored paper on the bottom to create a more vibrant look. White flowers are a better choice and I use glitter to bring out the petals on the flower.

As for Supermom, I chose a more feminine color theme which is pink. Flowers, butterfly, crystals and glitter are something you can never go wrong if you desire a more feminine look. It is perfect as a decoration in your bedroom or living r♥♥m!

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